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Climate Hub Collective

We believe we can thrive within the planetary boundaries and aim for a world where humanity is reunited with nature.

Who We Are

We are a group of people with diverse professional and cultural backgrounds consisting of researchers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, writers, and artists. What united us is our concern and passion for tackling climate change and other planetary crises. Providing a local context for global change, we connect the dots and link this worldwide challenge with local solutions.

What We Do

We take action by educating others and ourselves, engaging with our local community while keeping global solutions in mind. We inspire real impact by promoting concrete actions and system thinking, and we advocate for intersectionality and a holistic understanding of the climate crisis. We organize Climate Workshops and Climate Talks, appear as speakers at various events and contribute directly to climate action via projects such as “Inside Keyenberg”.

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Latest Events

En-ROADS Climate Workshop

18 February 2021, 18:30

The climate crisis is here and we know we have to act. But what exactly are the solutions? We will try to explore answers to this question at the En-ROADS Climate Worksh...

Digital Meetup

28 April 2020, 18:20

By now, we all have had our fair share of online meetings, webinars, hangouts with friends, dates, and whatnot. And we know it’s getting on our nerves… That’s why we have...

Webinar: Working together in times of crisis

26 March 2020, 18:30

Online action is still action! And just because we can’t be together physically, doesn’t mean we are on our own. This month, we bring Climate Talks directly to your scr...

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Latest Blog Posts

Mindfulness vs. Climate Activism

23 June 2021 • Andrea Catalina Fajardo

Yes, I practice Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness, but I still care about social and environmental issues.

Can current western and climate activism go hand in hand? It has already been almost four years since I started practising yoga and meditation. However, since last year I feel a bit disappointed a...

Understanding Intersectional Environmentalism

24 July 2020 • Nico Scagliarini

What do feminism, antiracism, and social justice have to do with the climate crisis and climate solutions? Well, a lot.

Where we stand I only very recently came across the definition of intersectional environmentalism; however, the idea and the practice were not new to me. My understanding of feminism, environment...

German tofu made of soybeans from Lower Saxony?

17 July 2020 • Andrea Catalina Fajardo

Europeans take part in the destruction of the rainforest, because they import many soybeans from South America. A new research group is looking into whether we can grow soybeans in Northern Germany where it is getting warmer due to climate change.

Have you thought that most of the imported soybeans to Europe are not for vegan food alternatives, such as, tofu, but for cattle feed? With this, we do not want to say do not eat tofu that comes f...

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