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About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of people with diverse professional and cultural backgrounds consisting of researchers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, writers, and artists. What united us is our concern and passion for tackling climate change and other planetary crises. Providing a local context for global change, we connect the dots and link this worldwide challenge with local solutions.

We believe we can thrive within the planetary boundaries and aim for a world where humanity is reunited with nature.

To achieve this vision, we take action by educating others and ourselves, engaging with our local community while keeping global solutions in mind. We inspire real impact by promoting concrete actions and system thinking, and we advocate for intersectionality and a holistic understanding of the climate crisis.

Our Values


We believe that the work begins with ourselves. Both as members of CHH and individuals, we are constantly learning and we strive for our actions to reflect what we believe.


We are a diverse group and strive to include in our community everyone who shares our beliefs and goals, and we value listening to different voices to minimize our own internalized bias. We also believe in learning from each other and in actively creating safe spaces for constructive discussion and mutual growth that are free of misinformation and intolerance.


We are driven by making the world a better place. We take our decisions collectively and free of any association with any political party, religion, or brand.



Andrea Catalina Fajardo

PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Hamburg and Climate Service Center Germany alumnus. Chemical Engineer. Co-founder of Climate Hub Hamburg. Climate Reality Leader.


Bruno Barthas

Entrepreneur for a Circular Society: Founder of Igluu & Iceberg. Industrial Engineer. Co-founder of Climate Hub Hamburg. Climate Reality Leader. En-ROADS Climate Ambassador.


Nico Scagliarini

Event and Community Manager at Factory Hammerbrooklyn. Digital Marketing Professional and Photographer. Co-founder of Climate Hub Hamburg and Changestarters Hamburg. Climate Reality Leader.


Patryk Kubiczek

Researcher at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Physicist and Mathematical Modeler. Co-founder of Climate Hub Hamburg. Climate Reality Leader. En-ROADS Climate Ambassador.