About Us

Who we are

In response to the global climate crisis, an international group of Climate Reality Leaders based in the Hanseatic City founded the Climate Hub Hamburg. We are a group of people with diverse professional and cultural backgrounds comprising of researchers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, writers and artists. What united us is our concern and passion for tackling climate change. Providing a local context for the global change, we can connect the dots and link this worldwide challenge with local solutions.

We believe…

We believe in a world where human prosperity and nature preservation go hand in hand and where climate action is a social norm.

What we do

Our goal is to raise awareness, empower and engage people into climate action. We believe that informed citizens participating in the public discussions are the key to finding and implementing solutions that can really make a difference.

There are already many inspiring individuals and communities dedicated to raising climate awareness and working on solutions. We provide an overview of what is happening in (and around) Hamburg in order to inspire change and promote action. We want to contribute to the future where urgent climate mitigation and adaptation are implemented and informed citizens pursue harmony with nature at the political level.

Future needs you

Each of us can make a difference, whether by joining social movements, taking part in demonstrations, signing petitions, promoting less consumerist lifestyle, or just spreading the word. We need your support to do our work – contact us to learn how you can help.


• Bruno J. Barthas
• Andrea C. Fajardo
• Patryk Kubiczek
• Nico Scagliarini
• Jennifer Wilke


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