What emerged out of a quite spontaneous attempt to create an “agora” for discussing the climate crisis, went beyond our expectations. Starting from October 2018 we organized 11 public meetups (Climate Talks), spoke at almost 10 external events, and, last but not least, created a 3-part documentary about the social impacts of coal mining (Inside Keynberg). We would like to introduce you now to our new website, where all those activities have been documented.

However, all of this would not be possible without your support! We are always amazed to see how many of you have attended our events. Your engagement provides us with the strength and motivation to keep on. We also want to say a big thank you to our partners, especially to ThoughtWorks Hamburg.

We were delighted to see a current release from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research which identified changing social norms and values as one of the key six “social tipping dynamics”, which can ensure an effective climate change mitigation. A future where climate action and climate-friendly behavior are social norms is our vision as Climate Hub Hamburg. We will continue our mission with an even increased effort knowing that it is backed up by a science-based recommendation.

We also hope you will continue supporting this mission not only as passive participants but also as climate action advocates. While the last year was mostly about improving our education on climate-related issues, now we would like to focus more on empowerment and engagement. We invite you to our next Climate Talk where we will explore a (serious) game – the Climate Collage – as a way to raise socioecological awareness.