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Kick-Off Event

When: 18 September 2018, 18:30

Where: Thoughtworks Hamburg

The first meetup provided the participants with a general introduction to the problem of climate change, its negative impacts, and available solutions. We tried to convince the participants that a huge effort is still needed – in the context of ever-increasing lignite mines in Germany, forcing people to leave their houses (e.g. village of Keyenberg) and posing threat to forest areas (Hambacher Forst).


  • Nico Scagliarini (CHH) – Climate Reality Presentation
  • Marlon Nuske (Citizens’ Climate Lobby Germany) – The current climate policy of the German Government in the European context: What is the status quo and what could and should it be?
  • Bruno Barthas (CHH) – Keyenberg Project: relation

Moderation: Patryk Kubiczek

Links: Facebook / Meetup