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Social Issues & Privilege

When: 23 January 2020, 18:30

Where: Thoughtworks Hamburg

How does the social and political turmoil of the last few months relate to the climate crisis? And how can we support movements that are far away but fight for issues deeply connected to our daily lives? We tried to answer these questions through the example of Colombia.


  • Andrea Fajardo (CHH, Climate Reality Leader) – Are social issues part of the consequences of human driven climate change? [PDF]
  • Enrique Camelo (M.Sc. in Political Science) – Climate, social issues and privileges. What‘s happening in Colombia? What can EU citizens do about it? The case of El Cerrejon [PDF]
  • Nico Scagliarini (CHH, Climate Reality Leader) – Telling Climate Stories [PDF]

Links: Facebook / Meetup