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What We Do

We take action by educating others and ourselves, engaging with our local community while keeping global solutions in mind. We inspire real impact by promoting concrete actions and system thinking, and we advocate for intersectionality and a holistic understanding of the climate crisis. We organize Climate Workshops and Climate Talks, appear as speakers at various events and contribute directly to climate action via projects such as “Inside Keyenberg”.


Workshops on climate change impacts and solutions are currently a core activity of CHH. Through workshops, we aim to engage our audience and offer them an interactive learning experience. We have experience organizing En-ROADS Climate Workshops and Climate Fresk sessions. Please reach out to us if you want to book us for either an in-person or online workshop.

Climate Talks

Climate Talks were a series of meetups dedicated to educating about climate change and promoting climate action. Each Climate Talk focused on a separate aspect of the climate crisis; the usual agenda was presentations on climate change impacts and solutions in a given sector by invited experts and/or members of the Climate Hub, followed by an open discussion and mingling of the participants. The meetups were held in English to attract the international community.

External Events

We also participate in external events such as conferences, panel discussions, or community events to reach broader audiences and contribute to CHH's misssion.

Inside Keyenberg Project

The project „Inside Keyenberg“ was an innovative approach to today’s climate disasters in Germany, initiated by our co-founder Estrella.