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Digital Meetup

When: 28 April 2020, 18:20

Where: online

By now, we all have had our fair share of online meetings, webinars, hangouts with friends, dates, and whatnot. And we know it’s getting on our nerves… That’s why we have decided to try something a little different. For our next Climate Talks, we are creating a digital space where we will discuss topics proposed by you and us. After a short collective introduction, you will be able to join one of the breakout rooms. Each one will have a moderator and one specific topic. And after 30 minutes, you can join a different one!


  • #1: DISCUSSION with Bruno Barthas – What do you observe & think businesses are/will do(ing) because of covid-19 for climate change action?
  • #2: DEBATE with Patryk Kubiczek – Dealing with uncertainty in a complex world. Precautionary principle.
  • #3: STORY SHARING with Nico Scagliarini – Engage the CHH community by sharing with us your story!
  • #4: EXCHANGE with Andrea Fajardo – Biodiversity and planting trees

Check out the event on Facebook and Meetup.